What is A Mash Up?

A Mash Up is an editorial feature agency consisting of hand-picked and highly merited photographers, writers and stylists working to deliver fresh new - and exclusively produced - editorial content to magazines all over the world. By mixing our skills of photography, writing and styling - we create your Mash Up!

How does the process of buying A Mash up work?

To ensure the exclusive nature of the feature material produced within A Mash Up, you need to apply for a login. You can do that here. Once you have received your username and password, you can login to the site and start browsing the shop.

Our shop is divided into the genre categories Food, Interior and Lifestyle. Browse freely or use the search bar to simply type in keywords related to a subject, trend, theme or season you’re interested in. Once you find a feature you think will suit your readers - click the "Buy this Mash Up"-button at the bottom of the feature description. Simply fill in the basic form, and add the feature's ID-number, and hit "Order". We'll ge in touch with you right away!

Before receiving your first delivery from A Mash Up, you will be required to sign a terms of agreement form. Signing the form is a step in the registration process, and will be required only once.

After placing an order for a feature from A Mash Up, the feature is removed from the site and delivered to you. You will receive your feature within 3 working days.

Don’ forget to visit the shop often - we create new exclusive features within the genres Food, Interior and Lifestyle on a regular basis - on trend and visually beautiful, just for you!

Who can buy features from A Mash Up?

A Mash Up is an exclusive editorial  service catering to editors and art directors. To acquire access to our shop, you need to be in a position to make purchases for this sector. If you have not yet received a login to our shop, you can apply for one here. It's free, and not binding. If you are not an editor or art director, but still find our product relevant to you, please contact us at info@amashup.com

What kind of editorial content can I buy from A Mash Up?

We create high-quality, pre-produced editorial feature articles within the genres of Food, Interior and Lifestyle. All of our features are photography driven, skillfully styled and accompanied by the suiting style of journalistic texts and/or recipes. Our team consists of professional and merited photographers, writers and stylists with an inherent knack for Scandinavian trend and style.

How does the pricing work?

We offer two types of editorial features: new unpublished features called Premium features, and features that have been published before. The newly produced, unpublished features are sold at full cost (the cost for each editorial feature is based on the amount of text and photos included) and the previously published features are sold a with a discount. These features are marked "Sale". You can also choose to buy a feature with limited or exclusive publishing rights.

What does “Limited” and “Exclusive” entail?

As feature producers, we offer two categories of publishing terms:

Limited - offers your magazine the sole publishing rights for a bought feature for 6 months, beginning at the time of purchase. During this time, the feature will be removed from our shop and can thus not be published under any other magazine title. 

Exclusive - offers your publishing house the sole publishing rights for an unlimited time, beginning at the time of purchase. The obtained exclusivity is valid in all countries in which your publishing house functions, and is marked up to double the original price.

What is the difference between a Premium feature, and a standard feature?

Premium features are editorial features that has not yet been published before, on any other platform. These are, therefore, sold at a higher price than standard features. Standard features are features that has been published before.

A Mash Up is based in Stockholm, Sweden. In what language is the feature material available for purchase?

That's right, we're Sweden based! Our features are written by native speaking Swedish journalists for a mainly Swedish market. However, we do offer the service of having each feature translated to English by qualified translators at an additional cost of 50 EURO. Please note that the translation process will require a delivery period of 5 working days, from the time of purchase. We do not offer translation to other languages than English, but do allow translation to be carried out in-house by magazines of any nationality.

Can I order a custom-made editorial feature from A Mash Up,  made just for my magazine?

You sure can! Just contact us at info@amashup.com and we'll create the feature you want.